Precision molded and turned metal fittings, Made in Italy
More than 10.000 items in stock
The artisanal tradition
is the basis of
the DELTA ITALIA 2 experience


Great quality in tiny products is our philosophy and applies to both the manufacturing and commercialization of our precision turned metal fittings.

Delta Italia 2 still maintains the passion and enthusiasm of a sober, reliable and concrete artisan workshop – experience and traditional techniques live together with the headmost technologies.

Delta Italia 2 gives most of the importance to quality and this is the reason why our technical department normally uses to check our production systematically and verifies any discrepancies so that we can deliver goods with no imperfections and guarantee the utmost professionalism.


Quick replies and flexibility towardsthe various customers’ requests


Attention to details and high precision mechanic manufacture


Privacy guarantee for our customers’projects and technical drawings

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